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Martin Short HomeSafe CD, Thr November 20, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

The Martin Short HomeSafe CD

Is your home child-proof? The Martin Short HomeSafe CD (Microforum) wants to help you make sure it is. The main menu has six options in two columns (a Parent’s Section and a Kid’s Section). Prevention, First Aid, and Safety Inspection are for parents; Kitchen Game, Outdoor Fun, and Bandy’s Test are for the kids. A toolbar at the bottom of the screen provides all the standard functions. Once you’ve made your choice, parents watch videos and take a short quiz; kids separate the contents of a room into dangerous and non-dangerous categories. Some of the information is valuable, but much is obvious or ridiculous. The useful parts are First Aid and Safety Inspection, which offer advice on how to treat burns, choking fits, or sharp table corners, all delivered with a nice dash of humor courtesy of the comedian. But, with the exception of Mr. Short, whose wit does help to enliven the program, a book or video would serve as well. In the Kid’s Section, games are so simple that even a very young child will tire of them almost immediately. The publishers must realize the limitations of this program, because both the CD-ROM and the user’s manual begin with a disclaimer: “The information on this CD-ROM should not be considered a substitute for up-to-date first aid training or safety training…” Believe it.

– June 1995


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