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Let’s Visit Spain November 19, 2008

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World Culture

Let’s Visit Spain

Queue, Inc. offers four titles in its Let’s Visit series; we looked at three of them. Let’s Visit Spain and Let’s Visit South America are DOS-based, slow and clunky programs that are intended for classroom use. You’ll find information on history, geography, and culture, available in English or Spanish; text-based comprehension quizzes, factual exercises, and the like. Slides are accompanied by text and the quality of both stills and audio could stand improvement. Let’s Visit France is a Windows CD-ROM, although the reading comprehension section throws you back into DOS. Again, more slide shows with a few sentences per slide, moving at a snail’s pace. You get bits and pieces of interesting, informative matter in this and the other two programs, but not enough to compensate for the slow, slow rate of delivery.

– June 1995


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