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Languages of the World November 19, 2008

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Language Tutors

Languages of the World

If you are going to embark on a language course on CD-ROM, why not also have a dictionary on CD-ROM? With Languages of the World (NTC Publishing Group), you get 17 dictionaries in 11 languages – probably enough for most beginners. This is a Windows-based program which is not as clear or intuitive as we would wish. You’ll need to rely on Help to find your way around. The disc has dictionaries for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese. No Russian? You can do simple translations or long or short dictionary entries in any combination of languages. This seems like an enormously useful tool for a student or scholar, but it is not as facile as other reference works (i.e., The Oxford English Dictionary). With a little improvement, this could be a major addition to any library.

– April 1995


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