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Complete Baseball: 1995 Edition November 19, 2008

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Complete Baseball: 1995 Edition

While they may be one of the companies you love to hate, there’s no arguing that when Microsoft puts out a CD-ROM on a particular topic they usually set the standard to which others aspire. Such is the case with Complete Baseball: 1995 Edition, a well-designed, smoothly integrated and information-packed title that is what other baseball CD-ROMs want to be. Baseball nuts love statistics, and this disc doesn’t disappoint. Complete team rosters stretching back decades, season by season statistics, and 7,000 photos are all packed in. All of it is easily accessible. New in this edition is a “Ballparks” section, with almost ridiculously detailed information for every major-league park – history, measurements, seating charts, phone numbers, multiple photos, up-to-date scuttlebutt on parks up for replacement – there’s even hotel and tourism information for each. Microsoft is apparently also cruising for a monopoly of rotisserie-league baseball. They’ve included an interface for dialing up daily box scores and statistics for every player, which can be downloaded in various formats to fit almost any spreadsheet program. True, you may hate helping pay for Bill’s mansion but, if you like baseball, what else can you do?

– November 1995, Sports


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