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Yukadoos, The November 18, 2008

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The Yukadoos

The Kidstory series, from Active Imagination (ages 3-8), which includes The Yukadoos, The Little Engine, The Friends of Emily Culpepper, Milly Fitzwilly’s Mousecatcher, The Pirate Who Wouldn’t Wash, and The Wrong-Way-Around World are very limited. You can elect to have the story read to you or go to “Click & Play” to read and explore on your own. There’s nothing wrong with the stories; they’re amusing enough. There just isn’t much going on. Hotspots bring up tiny bits of animation: a dancing flower, a brief song, a tweeting bird. There’s no added depth as in Living Books. Since the stories are short, (11 to 14 pages on average), the absence of extras is painfully obvious. Click on “Surprises” to start the spelling bee. When you spell a word correctly, you’re told, “Wow-you can even spell the hard words!” No animation, no fun rewards. Some surprise. There are no appreciable benefits in having these stories on CD-ROM. One session with each disc and you’ve seen it all.

-July 1995

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