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World Discovery Deluxe November 18, 2008

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Atlas & Geography

World Discovery Deluxe

Not every title can be a winner, and World Discovery Deluxe (Great Wave Software – ages 8 & up) proves this point impressively. The program seems to have been programmed in BASIC, on an Apple II+, circa 1984. A map of the world comes up on your screen; there are a handful of games to choose from, all variations on a simple identify-the-country challenge. Match the shape with the name, match the name with the shape, change the skill level, identify a state song or look at a still photograph (the closest the program gets to multimedia), then look around the room to find something more interesting, and settle down with a pint of ice cream and some Oprah. World Discovery Deluxe doesn’t require a CD-ROM to do what it does – it barely requires a computer. With other, far superior programs on the market, there’s no reason to saddle your kid with this one.

– June 1996


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