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Kathy Smith Fat Burning System November 18, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

Kathy Smith Fat Burning System

Want to get it in shape? You might be tempted by Kathy Smith Fat Burning System (Xiphias). If you can navigate the “Matrix” interface, of which the publisher is exceptionally proud, but which you may recognize as Windows with a new look, you’re on your way. You progress through ten weeks of Kathy Smith’s program: sections on exercise, nutrition, motivation, activities, Q & A, and focusing. You can go through these cells of information in order or choose your own route. Much of this CD-ROM seems like what you’d expect to find on an infomercial or a talk show for women. When you click on Nutrition, a still image of Kathy appears as a nutritionist narrates information over more stills of women shopping for groceries or preparing a meal. The Motivation section is an image of clouds with text on top. There’s not much video and the music is repetitive and annoying. Rather than a scrollbar, there’s a red rose – a cloying touch. According to the cover, you get “The Video, Books & Audio on One CD-ROM.” Except to save space, there’s no real advantage to this.

– June 1995


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