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Ozzie’s Travels: Destination Mexico November 16, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Ozzie’s Travels: Destination Mexico

Remember Ozzie’s World? Next up in that series is Ozzie’s Travels: Destination Mexico (Digital Impact – ages 5-10), which opens with a rendering of a Mexican village square. From this main interface, click on a projector to see six slide shows. In one you’ll learn about the Aztec Sun God; in the others, you’ll get instructions for making a mask, an Aztec calendar, a serape, a pi?ata, or tortillas. The slide shows are interesting but, unfortunately, all of the activities are meant to be done off screen. Click on a box to play one of the five games: a maze, a match-up game, a memory game, puzzles, or hidden pictures. The games, which can be played at an easy, medium or challenging level are quite good, especially the memory game (matching Mexican and US items) and the puzzler which splits five photos into jigsaw pieces that are click/dragged into place. There is also an art zone, but it’s pretty dull. Fill in pictures with pre-mixed colors or connect the dots. In the “How to Draw” section, you’ll have to use a pencil and paper, not the computer, to draw Ozzie. Still, there’s enough to do that’s fun without the art section, and even kids as young as four enjoy playing with this title.

– December 1995


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