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Mega Movie Guide November 16, 2008

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Mega Movie Guide

Using Mega Movie Guide (Infobusiness) may turn out to be more amusing than some of the movies you can rent. This is a very quirky title. You get three main sections: Synopsis, Summary, and In-Depth. The first two are basically the same and the last gives you reviews by Rex Reed. Not infrequently, a movie will have contradictory ratings from one section to the next. The moody Search feature might refer you to “Temple of Doom” if you chose “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, or to “Heart of Darkness” if you choose “Apocalypse Now.” The “Recommend” feature groups movies by decade rather than category. The biographical index is by first rather than last names. If you click on “Award”, you get a divided screen with the winners of each category in the left pane while the right pane displays the best picture nominees. The year you choose is 1984, but the list of nominees is from 1994. Check out “Under the Volcano”. In the synopsis it mentions that John Huston is the director, but on the line for “Director” it says N/A. Never mind. If you want a research adventure, this title works just fine.

– May 1995

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