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Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown November 16, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown

The title of Get Ready for School, Charlie Brown (Virgin Sound and Vision – ages 4-8) doesn’t offer much of a clue as to what’s inside this packed disc – which is a lot. Snoopy’s interactive picture dictionary is included, with more than 1,000 words, as well as seven games designed to build spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and reading skills. Children follow the Peanuts gang through a typical school day. The animation on this disc is one of its best qualities. The images, voices, and characters come straight out of the television specials, so the subtly quirky humor is intact. The disc offers a variety of ways for children to learn, with abundant hotlinks to words in the dictionary as well as contextual use in classic Peanuts strips, audio, and pictures. We wish there was audio associated with the classic strips, as younger children may not be able to read them for themselves. But overall, Charlie Brown and friends are involved in a high-quality production, as usual.

– December 1995


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