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King Arthur Through the Ages November 15, 2008

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King Arthur Through the Ages

Ibis Communications, Inc. and The Calvert School have produced King Arthur Through the Ages, a collection of text stories, audio readings, and digital artwork. The strength of the disc, of course, is the Arthurian legends themselves. While the narration adds something to the experience, it is far from indispensable. Multimedia flourishes like a timeline, a minimally-interactive Grail quest, and a hot-linked glossary are too limited to be of much use. If this CD-ROM were an exhaustive database, including many versions of many various tales, we would be inclined to give it more credit – but there are holes on the disc, and the selection of legends seems fairly subjective. King Arthur Through the Ages is not by any means a terrible piece of work. It offers a decent introduction to, and a fine overview of the Arthurian legends. There’s not a hint of a spark, though, and nothing here sheds light on why Arthur has inspired writers and artists through the ages. The bottom line is that a student who uses King Arthur Through the Ages as anything except a basic introduction is shortchanging both himself and the legends.

– September 1996



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