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Charlton Heston’s Voyage Through the Bible: Old Testament November 15, 2008


Charlton Heston’s Voyage Through the Bible: Old Testament

Charlton Heston, one of Hollywood’s greatest hams, lends his melodramatic talents to Charlton Heston’s Voyage Through the Bible: Old Testament (GT Interactive). If the disc itself possessed even a fraction of Mr. Heston’s grandiloquent charm, it would be a riveting journey indeed. As it is, Voyage Through the Bible comes off like a TV show that has been re-purposed for CD-ROM – albeit a TV show that features the earth-shaking sonority of Chuck (in fact, the disc is based on an A&E miniseries). Listen to retellings of Bible stories accompanied by slide shows, browse a gallery of period art, read the original text of the Bible, or explore The Ramasseum, an ancient Egyptian temple, in really cool 3D. A book (for the art) and a TV screen (for the video) would be preferable to this CD-ROM, if only because intense eyestrain could be avoided. The single redeeming feature of the disc, time after time, is the aging but still impossibly rugged Mr. Heston. When he does voice-overs, people listen. When he actually gets on-camera (to deliver, for example, a comically over-the-top telling of Moses’s confrontation with Pharaoh), people watch. When he flings his arms heavenwards and cries an unforgettable line about the self-destructiveness of the human race ? or was that one of his other projects? No matter. The bottom line is that even Charlton Heston can’t save this CD-ROM, which is unfortunately nowhere near overblown enough to accommodate him.

– April 1996



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