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Indian In The Cupboard, The November 14, 2008

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The Indian In The Cupboard

The Indian In The Cupboard (Viacom New Media – ages 6 & up) is yet another CD-ROM spin-off of a successful movie (and book). Here you can play a number of semi-educational games designed to teach you about the Iroquois Indians. Explore the constellations and learn the legends behind them, or follow animal tracks through a snowy forest. Master the art of trading in an Iroquois village, or play a variation of Simon that uses drum patterns. Once you complete each task to the program’s satisfaction you’re awarded a symbol for your wampum belt that acts as a link to bring you back to the game quickly. Production values are fairly high, and the activities are slightly more imaginative than the usual fare. A “magical learning adventure” (which is how it bills itself) it’s not – but it does hold its own against Disney’s educational game discs, most of which use similar games presented with only slightly different spins. And you will learn a little bit about Iroquois history while you play.

-July 1996


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