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Rodney’s Wonder Window November 13, 2008

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Rodney’s Wonder Window

First came Rodney’s Wonder Window, now Dazzeloids (The Voyager Co. – ages 3 & up). Flashy graphics and animations give this title a very hip look that helps distract from some of its less impressive parts. The Dazzeloids, led by Anna Dilly Whim, have a mission: to rid the world of boredom which, under the evil leadership of Mediogre, is being spread by the Blando Company. The message here, and it’s not subtle, is that TV and corporations are bad, reading and creativity are good. There are two stories, “A Child is Bored” and “Banker, Spare that Pet Shop,” to help make the point. The text is quite sophisticated and often funny, but certainly not accessible to young kids. The characters themselves, complete with biographies identifying their bad qualities as well as their good (a nice touch), are a pretty weird and are not a very appealing group. And the obsession with bodily functions gets tiresome. The strength of the program lies in the tightly drawn screens, bursting with color and design. The weakness is the preachy content wrapped in lame stories.

– July 1995



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