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Jazz Tutor Volume 1 Featuring Phil Woods November 13, 2008

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Music – Music Tutors

Jazz Tutor Volume 1 Featuring Phil Woods

Jazz Tutor Volume 1 Featuring Phil Woods (Masterclass Productions) dumps a bunch of music lessons onto a CD-ROM, adds a few audio samples and some bells and whistles, and then expects Phil Woods? participation to lend it credibility. The lazy execution of this disc all but obscures its potential to actually teach; everything has been thrown together with a lack of creativity that is guaranteed to turn off even the most eager jazz student. “Jazz Tutorial,” the meat of the disc, is no more dynamic than a print music book ? not surprising when you consider that it really is a print music book, albeit one that you read off your computer screen. Jazz Tutor has picked up the trick of providing rhythm tracks for students to solo over ? a common feature in music-instruction CD-ROMs ? but that?s as far as it goes towards taking advantage of its medium. A few songs by Mr. Woods and a Phil Woods biography/slideshow round things out. Serious intermediate players, who want a computer taskmaster and a deadly dull lesson plan to keep them on track, might find something appealing here ? but the disc costs $99, so they could probably find it somewhere else fpr less. Beginners will be snoring within an hour. Advanced players who want to swipe a little of Mr. Woods? technique won?t get any closer with this disc than they would by watching a videotape of his performances.

– January 1997



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