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Betty Crocker’s Cookbook November 13, 2008

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Betty Crocker’s Cookbook

Betty Crocker’s Cookbook (Lifestyle Software) begins, ominously, by intoning “Welcome to multimedia… Betty Crocker style!”, as Betty morphs through the 100 or so hairdos she’s had over the last 75 years. Yup, Betty’s a multimedia goddess now, with three email addresses and her own Web site to boot. So what do you gain by purchasing “multimedia Betty” versus plain old printed Betty? Um…did we mention the hairdo morphs? Other than being able to search for recipes electronically, this CD-ROM offers little more than what you can get by purchasing the book – and the search engine is so lethargic it would probably be quicker to use the book. Well, actually you do get a few videos, including some exceedingly goofy ones about ethnic recipes narrated with authentically-accented voices, and we did find one spot where they pronounce ‘cumin’ for you. There’s an electronic shopping list and nutrition information. Beyond that, everything that’s here is in the book, including pictures. So only if you must be thoroughly ‘high-tech’ in your kitchen will the CD-ROM Betty be necessary.

– November 1995


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