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Amazing Universe III November 12, 2008

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Amazing Universe III

Amazing Universe III (Hopkins Technology) is a solid, no-frills resource for amateur astronomers and students. The interface, a standard Windows format, is not much on visual design, but it’s straightforward and relatively easy to use. The program includes Planet Watch, a solar simulator, and Skyview, a planetarium. You can get information on the solar system, space missions, comets, stars, a video tour of the solar system, etc. While content is not original and overlaps with some other titles, such as Return to the Moon and Redshift, that’s to be expected with so much of this information in the public domain. The graphics, video clips and stills are all of good quality, and there are plenty of them. Amazing Universe III is one of the more useful general reference titles we’ve seen, but the real plus is the Planetarium, which gives you a good reason to buy the CD-ROM rather than a book.

– April 1995



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