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Rise & Rule Of the Ancient Empires November 11, 2008

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The Rise & Rule Of the Ancient Empires

The Rise & Rule Of the Ancient Empires (Sierra-Online) follows roughly the same rules as Civilization II, but with considerably less flair. Begin the game by choosing a spot to settle; proceed to build an empire and, eventually, conquer the world. Managing your armies, cities, food, production, technology, and diplomacy is sure to keep you busy, but the experience on the whole is far less complete than that provided by Civilization II – the choices of military units, terrain types, research subjects, and just about everything else is severely limited. The play-action, in fact, is inferior to the original Civilization, although the graphics are admittedly more impressive. Graphics can only take a game so far, though, and in the case of The Rise & Rule of Ancient Empires, it’s not far enough.

– December 1996



3 Responses to “Rise & Rule Of the Ancient Empires”

  1. Strat Says:

    Is it still possible to play with this game in Windows XP? I tried but I coud not play. Is there some code or trick who allowed to play with this game?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Pierre Says:

    HI, i’m living in France and I can’t use this game in Windows XP, I’m looking for solutions too… if you have some positive answer I’m interested.

  3. Ilíon Says:

    I was able to get it to run on XP.

    First, set the program’s compatibility mode. To do this:
    1) Right-click on the program file (RISE95.EXE in the ~\Sierra\ANCIENT folder) and choose “Properties.”
    2) Then click the “Compatibility” tab.
    3) In the “Compatibility mode” group-box, select the “Run this program in compatibility more for:” checkbox and select “Windows 95” in the drop-down box.

    Before I did the above, the program wouldn’t even start. After making those settings, it would start, but I got a bunch of errors when I tried to start an actual game.

    Tp fix those errors, I edited the “.AI” files (there are 9 of these files altogether). I opened each in turn with WordPad (any text-editor program will do) and commented-out the “comp” lines by placing a semi-colon at the start of each such line. These are the lines which begin with, for instance, “Comp0=0” through “Comp46=46.” Some of the “.AI” files don’t have all 46 “comp” lines.

    I don’t yet know how commenting-out these lines will affect game-play, but the program does run now.

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