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Math Workshop November 11, 2008

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Math Workshop

Try Math Workshop (Broderbund – ages 6-12) to see how entertaining and educational a well-designed math program can be. You meet Poly Gonzales, an appealing math whiz, in the control room. She is your host and guide. You can click on her anytime to get help and instructions for the seven activities. Clicking on places in the room will take you to an activity. Try the bowling pin doorway to play Bowling For Numbers, the TV for the Hidden Picture puzzles, or the brick doorway for the Rhythm Shop. All the basic math areas are covered: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, shapes, spatial relationships, and equivalencies. Problem-solving skills and logical thinking are also addressed. There are several levels of difficulty, so repeating activities is not a problem. The games are entertaining and can be quite challenging. Six-year-olds can grow with this title as they acquire more skills, while older kids can sharpen theirs.

– August 1995, Kids’ Education


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