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Exotic Japan, November 11, 2008

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World Culture

Exotic Japan

Exotic Japan (The Voyager Co.) is an entertaining title which offers a little bit of everything. The content covers Japanese culture and customs, history and language, art and travel tips. You can take lessons, be quizzed, play games, or go through the 53 stations of the Tokaido Trail. A good glossary lets you access information without rooting around. In the pronunciation section (male or female voices available), you can record your own voice for comparison – a useful feature. The best part of the disc was the section on Kanji, with animation used to illustrate the origins of the characters. This animated transformation of images – a bird flying towards the sun is the basis for the kanji character for day or sun – makes understanding, memorizing, and recalling the characters much easier, and is an excellent use of multimedia. As we said at the top, you get just a taste of everything and you’ll wish there was more, but what’s there is is interesting.

– June 1995


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