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Redshift 2 November 10, 2008

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Redshift 2

We reviewed Redshift, from Maris Multimedia Ltd., in Vol.1, No 4. This ‘desktop planetarium’ was one of the better space CD-ROMs we had seen then, and the upgrade, Redshift 2, is one of the better space CD-ROMs we’re seeing now. Every so often a disc appears that would not be half as effective in any other medium, and that’s when we get excited – these are the trailblazers, showing what true multimedia is all about. Redshift 2 falls into this category. Search the heavens from a city on earth, or go out into space and search earth from the heavens. If earth is too limiting, choose another planet – they’re all here. If planets are too limiting, check out the asteroid belt, or the moon of your choice, or deep space; the scope of the program is immense. PlayingCaptain Kirk is plenty of fun, but Redshift 2 is also a serious tool that provides accurate data about the universe. You can use it to watch real celestial phenomenon, or learn real astronomy (and even astrology). You’ve got a wealth of powerful, if confusing, instruments at your fingertips that let you navigate, filter what you see according to different criteria, and conduct experiments. If you master this program, you’ll be far more accomplished than a backyard astronomer with a private telescope – you’re ready for the big time. There are built-in reference works and a series of tutorials to get you going. Redshift 2 demands a big investment of time, and then pays it all back with a singular and educational multimedia experience.

– January 1996, Aviation & Space


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