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Backstage With John Tesh November 10, 2008

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Backstage With John Tesh

Everything about John Tesh’s first CD-ROM, Backstage With John Tesh (Digital Entertainment), is as determinedly anodyne as the man himself. From the title one could expect a glitzy interface with a backstage milieu – parting curtains, screaming fans, and hard-earned VIP passes – but what one gets is a practical navigational tool that gives access to interviews, video and audio clips, a handful of complete songs, and a bare-bones selection of sheet music. The emphasis here is on Mr. Tesh’s recording and composing career as a ‘new age’ pop-classical pianist, not on his lucrative sideline as co-host of Entertainment Tonight. His inoffensive and uninspiring songs can be sampled in their entirety with the ‘Best of John Tesh’ feature, or in brief snippets via the ‘CD Catalog’ (highlights from most of his songs are included, but if you try to listen to his latest release you’re told that the song sample is not available, and are directed to purchase the album either at your local music store or through this disc). The ‘Interview John Tesh’ section has a series of prerecorded answers to stock questions about music, inspiration, and romance; wife Connie Selleca makes an appearance, cementing in your mind (in case you doubted it) the fact that John Tesh is probably the happiest, most satisfied, blandest guy in the world. His loyal legion of elevator music fans will find all the Tesh they could ever want but, for the rest of us, there may be just a little bit too much.

– October 1995


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