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Alphabet Express November 10, 2008

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Alphabet Express

A program like Alphabet Express (School Zone – ages 3-6) reminds us that the terms “learning” and “fun” are not mutually exclusive. Choose a letter, then try to find everything that begins with that letter on a page packed with big bright graphics. Right guesses are rewarded with little animations – a bear might recite a nursery rhyme, or a walrus play a little violin music. Once you’ve found everything on the letter page, your next stop is the Firehouse game to match letters to pictures or letters to letters (the game can be customized for three levels of difficulty). There’s a coloring book with three pages for every letter, and a separate game section with Connect the Dots (using letters instead of numbers), a clever maze (actually another matching exercise in disguise), a very good hidden letter game, and a movie theater showing two music videos. Combining innovative Sesame Street-like techniques with colorful graphics and engaging activities, Alphabet Express will teach your child the alphabet while keeping them consistently entertained.

– August 1996, Kid’s Education



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