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Jets! November 9, 2008

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Aviation & Space


It might not be easy to find Jets! because the publisher, Medio Multimedia, is no more. If you can manage to track it down, however, it’s worth the hunt. There’s a lot of information here, covering jet planes from their invention to their present incarnations. There are also two complete books, The X-Planes by Jay Miller and Test Pilots by Richard Hallion. Multimedia includes a documentary, a timeline, alphabetical and chronological indexes, 3-D graphics, interviews, and death-defying video, and it’s all easily accessible and truly interactive. The disc shows what a CD-ROM can accomplish if it focuses itself on a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Medio throws in self-promotion whenever it can, which is irritating, so if another publisher re-issues this title (and let’s hope one does), you may be spared this tacky component.

– January 1996


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