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Babe November 9, 2008

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Sound Source Interactive has, as the name might suggest, a good eye for sound source material: two of their new Moviebook CD-ROMs are based on Babe (the excellent pig movie) and The Adventures of Batman and Robin, (the largely underrated animated TV series). The Moviebook formula is simple – take an existing story, simplify it so that even the smallest child can follow along, add spoken narration and some simple games, and spice up the proceedings with video clips from the original source. The end product is going to be exactly as good as the original; in this case, that means very good. Babe (ages 4 & up) is nearly as charming on disc as he was on screen, and the story translates well to the simple, bold statements preferred by the publisher of this series. Batman (all ages) manages to capture the same simple tone without losing the multidimensionality that makes the TV series so unique; Adventures is one of the few cartoons that actually can be appreciated by both children and adults. The three stories on this disc use the same trademark irony and tragedy that elevate the series. Although these Moviebooks are no-frills and make minimal use of multimedia, they still provide an effective and entertaining introduction to reading.

-July 1996


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