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Snootz Math Trek November 7, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Snootz Math Trek

In Snootz Math Trek (Theatrix Interactive – ages 6-10), you’ll meet Flarn and Foozle, two young Snootz (from the planet Snoot, of course) who have been sent on a mission to earth. Unfortunately, they crash-land and mess up their space ship. You get to help them repair it and to find all the items they need to return to Snoot. The program aims to teach “critical problem solving” and “math thinking skills,” with each of the six games illustrating a different concept. The program is easy to get around: just click on a map which serves as the main interface. Various icons will take you to different games. There’s also an icon for the Library, where you’ll find books that explain all the games as well as Snootology, a book with funny descriptions of Snootz life and culture. The Translator, a machine with the Snootian alphabet in code, is supposed to translate from English to Snootian and back, but we couldn’t get it to work. Annoying, but this is really a gimmick and not essential to the program. Colorful, cartoony graphics and humorous characters make this a fun program with a lot of solid content that will keep kids busy for many hours.

– December 1995


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