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Kon-Tiki Interactive November 7, 2008

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Kon-Tiki Interactive

Kon-Tiki Interactive is typical Voyager fare: work from other mediums ported to CD-ROM, hooked up via a single Table of Contents, hyperlinked, and then left to work or not on its own. Luckily, Kon-Tiki pretty much works, simply because the adventures of Thor Heyerdahl were so extraordinary. Short snippets of movies, passages from Heyerdahl’s books and documentaries, and over 150 photographs illustrate the major expeditions of the man’s life, including the Kon-Tiki adventure (sailing a raft from Peru to Polynesia) and his explorations of Easter Island. The only thing on the disc that can’t be found elsewhere are Heyerdahl’s latest reminiscences, presented in recently recorded video clips (of course, his entire career has consisted of publishing his thoughts on his adventures, so this is hardly unprecedented). A little too brief but still interesting, Kon-Tiki Interactive is a good introduction to Heyerdahl’s work, but doesn’t go far enough to be considered an exhaustive recap.

– September 1996



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