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Duke Nukem 3D November 7, 2008

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Games – Arcade

Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D (FormGen/GT Interactive) is a “hot new game” that shamelessly rips off Doom while adding a few wrinkles of its own. The primary additions are more developed settings (the game begins in a near-future, sin-riddled L.A.) and a pubescent sense of humor that appeals to the target audience immensely. Doomis inherently funny, but it doesn’t take pains to remind you of the fact. Duke Nukem rubs your face in it. The program has its fair share of bathroom humor – literally; you can kill bad guys while they sit on the toilet, or relieve yourself between murders – as well as a fixation with pornography and peepshows. It also has some fancier touches than Doom, like windows that blow out when they get shot, security cameras to be disabled, mirrors with realistic reflections as you walk past, and a room full of video games (if Duke tries to play the Duke Nukem game, he muses “I don’t have time to play with myself” – more pubescent humor). None of these flourishes detract from the basic simplicity, however, and although there are slightly more complex movements to memorize (now you can jump and crawl), a game of Duke Nukem plays almost exactly like a game of Doom. Try the shareware version for a measly couple of bucks; you can always add player-designed levels later (see October’s Titles and Sites In The Works for an update on the Duke Nukem add-on levels lawsuit).

– October 1996


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