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Children’s Songbook: Songs From Around the World November 7, 2008

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KIDS – Music
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Children?s Songbook: Songs from Around the World

The Voyager Co. has taken some beautiful children?s songs and tried to build a CD-ROM around them ? typical behavior from a company based on licensing and repackaging. The result, Children?s Songbook: Songs from Around the World (ages 3 & up), offers nothing that couldn?t have been achieved on a pure audio CD. A laughably small amount of frills complement 15 songs that range from jaunty (the Australian “Kookaburra”) to hauntingly melancholy (the Swedish “Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind”). Fifteen songs may not qualify as an exhaustive sampling from around the world, but at least the choices are good. Unfortunately, the treatment given to these choices is close to insulting. Each song offers several options, but most of them just present the same song from slightly different angles: see the score in the original language, see the English translation, watch a lame animated movie, etc. Another option, called “Fact,” offers some bizarre kernels of knowledge that we?re not sure we trust; do the causes of volcanic eruptions really have a lot to do with “Funiculi, Funicula?” All the songs on Children?s Songbook were recorded especially for the CD-ROM, and they all turned out great. If only Voyager knew when to stop.

– January 1997



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