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Blender, 5/96 November 7, 2008

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Blender (Dennis Publishing, bi-monthly) has a slick interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. Some of our reviewers felt that Blender was right on target with its hip, trendy stories, videos, interviews, and music reviews, while others found it totally vacuous. Welcome to the generation gap. Billed as “Your Interactive Guide to Pop Culture”, Blender does deliver, albeit in a limited way. We all appreciated the visual design and the effort made to take advantage of the multimedia format. What we found disappointing was the unrelenting adherence to obvious pop culture; surely there is something else out there that this audience wants to know about. How about delivering some material you can’t find in any other medium? The original comic strip, Refrigerator Johnny, is a step in the right direction. After two issues, Blender still has a way to go before it breaks new ground.

– May 1995

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