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Nickelodeon Director’s Lab November 6, 2008

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Creativity Tools

Nickelodeon Director’s Lab

Nickelodeon Director’s Lab (Viacom Multimedia, ages 8 & up) gives you an entire virtual video studio, which is a bit overwhelming for younger kids and may tax even some older ones. The “Director’s Lab” (the main interface) has doors leading to the different components of the program, including a Video Suite with hundreds of animation clips, a Graphic Studio offering a full paint program, Music and Sound Studios for recording and editing sound, and a Title Editor. You also get all the kid-pleasing touches familiar to lovers of Nickelodeon – silly objects and silly sound effects on every screen lighten the content. You’ll need patience (and/or ambition) to get the most out of Director’s Lab. Just putting together a 30-second video clip takes an awful lot of work, not to mention adding all the other ingredients to come up with a final product. The best part of the program is the Music Studio, which gives you access to many different instruments and lets you put them together in an infinite number of ways. Unlike many other discs with similar functions, Nickelodeon Director’s Lab really works. That goes for the whole program. It isn’t easy but, if you stick with it, you can turn out some semi-professional pieces.

– June 1995


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