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My First Steps to Math November 6, 2008

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Kid’s Education

My First Steps to Math

In the included video interview with Jane Belk Moncure, the author of My First Steps to Math (Hopkins Technology – ages 3-7), she describes reading the books with her grandson (she even shows one of the books). You may want to do the same, because there’s really no reason to access them through the computer. Ten storybooks, each approximately 27 pages with three pages of exercises, focus on adding, subtracting, writing, and spelling numbers. The stories are very simple, using a number as the main character. There are some tiny animations and an equally small number of sound effects, including the required bathroom noise (click on the “Three” house to hear a toilet flush). The only interaction, if you can call it that, is answering questions, but not through the computer – you just answer (aloud, we presume). Sitting on grandma’s lap seems like a lot more fun.

– August 1995


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