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Create Your Own Dream Job November 6, 2008

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Personal Management Tools

Create Your Own Dream Job

Slightly more helpful is Create Your Own Dream Job, although the title is something of a misnomer. The disc is more about finding the right job for you than creating something out of thin air. The interface is intuitive and simple, with on-screen help and a narrated voice-over making navigation a breeze. The disc is meant to be explored linearly, but offers you the option of moving around out of sequence. Between the Introduction and Summary lie four sections that help you identify your talents, passions, ideal work environment, and overall vision. Most of the program involves working with three job-seeking individuals with different skills; you help them find solutions while helping yourself. Although it can be a valuable tool to assist in a job search, Create Your Own Dream Job will only be of real use to people changing careers or reentering the work force following a leave of absence. It is not meant to be a job hunter’s guide or a handbook for young people in search of first employment.

– October 1995


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