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My Very First Software November 5, 2008

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Kid’s Education

My Very First Software

My Very First Software (Vroom Books/T/Maker – ages 2-5) is divided into three parts, distinguished only by number; part one is for the youngest end of the preschool spectrum, part two for the middle, and part three for those mature children who can use not only the mouse but also the keyboard. The degree of mechanical dexterity required by the CD-ROM is infinitesimal – one needn’t even be able to click the mouse button, on the lowest levels, to play these games. It is quite an accomplishment, therefore, that the programs are entertaining and unfailingly amusing. Your alien host makes incessant beep-boop-gobble noises that our youngest reviewers found hilarious. Activities range from passive (move the cursor around a picture until all of it comes alight, then click the button once to automatically color and add sound) to competitive (listen to sounds in a kitchen and click on the correct appliance – if you make a mistake you get a raspberry) to semi-educational (explore classic songs like Little Miss Muffet in a variety of styles, including twangy country, smooth jazz, and cranked-up rock). Primary colors and really big icons make the interface so unthreatening that even a grown-up computerphobe might brave the terrain, and the content is exactly as advertised – fitting for a preschooler.

– August 1996



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