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Aartvark November 5, 2008

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Creativity Tools


Aartvark (Millennium – ages 3-10) is a basic art program with an emphasis on using the provided elements. You’ll find 100 different backgrounds and many, many stickers to use on them as well as all the normal tools like brushes, in various sizes and shapes, fill options, and undo, load, save, and print commands. The interface is simple and there’s no reading or writing required, so little kids will feel comfortable quickly. You won’t find any of the more advanced features, like a way to flip horizontally or the ability to animate work. In addition to the Art Studio, there are games like connect the dots, match the shapes, and so on. The problem with this program is that it’s sluggish. Routine tasks take much longer than they should. If you and your young child have enough patience, this is a nice art tool.

– July 1995


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