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Read With Me 1 & 2 November 4, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Read With Me 1 & 2

The five activities in Read With Me 1 & 2 (WordPerfect/Main Street – ages 3-7) introduce young kids to letters, numbers, and shapes through a highly flexible program. In Catch a Match, for instance, you can choose the environment (space, sky, sea) and the option of matching colors, shapes, sizes, letters, number sets – or all of them at once – and you can set up it with the same or various degrees of difficulty. Coloring Box, Treasure Hunt, The Word Traveler, and Watch With Me offer similar options. This means that kids continue to find something new here each time they play, providing, of course, that the limited use of interactive multimedia elements doesn’t put them off. Hot spots are limited, and animation, when it does occur, is rather mundane. Navigation could be improved as well. If you want to repeat an activity or a variation on that activity (i.e., make another selection in the “ABC Songs” or another letter in “Trace a Letter”), you have to exit the module completely and then re-enter it. With a little fine-tuning in these areas, Read With Me could move from good to very good.

– August 1995


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