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ABC Newslinks November 4, 2008

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ABC Newslinks

ABC Newslinks (Creative Wonders) is a terrific reference tool that makes use of just about every new media technology; the program offers QuickTime videos, photographs, and reports from around the world. To enhance all this data, Newslinks is coupled with America Online, so that, as you cruise the disc, you can, at any time, opt to download the latest news updates. The program itself is easily navigable, and the information hierarchy is well-organized. From the introductory screen, simply select a region on the globe, then select a country and you have access to a whole database of information about that area: geography, history, recent developments, current leader, photographs. (You can even access videos of ABC special reports pertaining to the region or topic selected.) From there, simply click on the Newslinks icon, and you’ve accessed the America Online link that puts you in touch with the breaking news events in the region. The program never plays itself out because it is linked to a source that is constantly generating new information, making it not just impressive but a good buy as well. Now, to be ultra-impressive, how about a link to ABC’s world news site without America Online as an intermediary.

– November 1996, History & Mythology


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