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Launch November 3, 2008

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Launch (2Way Media, published bimonthly) disappears into the middle of the pack. There are a few nice interface features, including the option of a 16 bit version for those whose monitors are so equipped, and an informative Table of Contents. Once you open the disc, you’ll realize why you need the TOC – finding any of the articles among the plethora of repetitive (and pesky) advertisements is a matter of sheer luck. All you are given is “The City,” a large graphic with little guidance as to what will come up when you click on various areas. Launch covers familiar ground, concentrating on music, games, cartoons, and the like, but overall it feels incomplete. There’s a definite dearth of content, and even when you’ve seen everything you feel as if you’ve missed something. That said, it’s worth noting that Launch is the only digizine that extensively covers anything more than just alternative/techno music, with reviews and samples of R&B, jazz, and even Frank Sinatra. Broader content and many fewer ads would raise Launch a few levels.

– January 1996


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