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Human Dynamics: The Ultimate Voyage November 3, 2008

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Health & Anatomy

Human Dynamics: The Ultimate Voyage

Human Dynamics: The Ultimate Voyage (Edudare Inc.) purports to take you on a journey of self-discovery, the better to identify your own “personality dynamic,” recognize the four other “personality dynamics,” and develop facilitation skills that will make your life easier and better. The disc features a sort of poor man’s virtual reality – a 3D world that looks fine at first glance, but turns out, when you try to move through it, to consist of only a few accessible screens. Each area will give you some video, some animation, and lots of case studies that strive to prove the Human Dynamics point. The point is, basically, that five neat categories (variations on physical, mental, and emotional) cover every type of human being, and once you learn to recognize them the world is your oyster. The disc makes it clear that it does not seek to divide people by race or sex – instead it has invented its own, more random criteria. The philosophy has a certain sneaky, sinister appeal, like Personal Power or any other theory that seeks to explain or categorize humanity, but it is ultimately just as ridiculous. A few family-oriented touches, like a kids’ game and children’s commentaries, make things all the spookier; this is indoctrination for the entire family unit, not just for the unemployed father who spends his days in the garage wondering what went wrong. Once the program has educated you, it trains you to use your new tools in daily life lessons that are of limited use at best. We all know there are no easy classifications for people – try explaining a night person, for example, to a die-hard proponent of circadian rhythm. Now try explaining a manic depressive to the creators of Human Dynamics.

– May 1996


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