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TIME 1995 Almanac November 2, 2008

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TIME 1995 Almanac

TIME 1995 Almanac (Softkey) has a number of entertaining features, presented through a menu of selections represented as TIME covers. Choose the weekly TIME for the years 1989-1994, two multimedia TIMElines for 1945 and 1970, an almanac, or the amusing quiz game “NewsQuest” – a sort of TIME Magazine Wheel of Fortune. In addition you can have desktop access to TIME Online, the electronic version of the magazine on America Online (if you’re not currently a subscriber, rest assured all necessary sign up information is included with the disc). A powerful search engine makes sifting through all the data painless. Bear in mind that everything on this CD-ROM is from TIME and TIME alone. If that’s an information source you like, you’ll be well satisfied with this compact package.

– March 1996


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