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Synapse November 2, 2008

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Synapse (Deliriously Serious Software, quarterly), is described by its’ Editor Cliff Hall as “a real basement-style effort, basically designed for writers, artists, and hackers to get their work out, people working in their basements like us”. Issue One is a very uneven effort. The main menu is a graphic with an obnoxious randomizer feature (click on it and it spins out of control), but the articles are in a basic Windows format. The content is truly unbalanced, where some original computer art, including a virtual reality city, is lumped in with text articles pulled off the Internet, such as the “Ultimate Compendium of Pink Floyd Trivia”. Some of the material is interesting because it was developed specifically for this medium, but it’s badly packaged. Our suggestion to the editors: tap some of the talent that Synapse includes on the disc to work out the bugs, and integrate audio with the graphics. With a sharper focus and some serious fine tuning, Synapse could be engaging to anyone interested in original work for multimedia.

– May 1995

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