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Sesame Street: Let’s Make a Word October 31, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Sesame Street: Let’s Make a Word

Sesame Street: Let’s Make a Word (Creative Wonders – ages 3-6) uses fast-talking Guy Smiley of Muppet fame as the emcee of an alphabet version of Let’s Make a Deal. The mere presence of Muppets like Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, and Elmo guarantees an eager audience for this CD-ROM. Choose your partner from the six Muppet characters, and then choose a location to visit. There are four scenes: a farm, a park, a construction site, and a restaurant. There are six word games for each location. The manual gives guidelines for the different games based on age, but help is always available from your guide. There’s lots of positive reinforcement – just like on Sesame Street – so most kids will feel right at home with all of the activities.

– August 1995


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