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Play Rock Guitar with Keith Wyatt October 31, 2008

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Music – Music Tutors

Play Rock Guitar with Keith Wyatt

The advanced installment of Play Music?s guitar-teaching trilogy is Play Rock Guitar With Keith Wyatt (Play Music, Inc.). Mr. Wyatt and Play Music have improved still more on the formula that carried Play Blues Guitar; now you can watch a split-screen demo highlighting the left and right hand, hear voice-over instructions as you watch the fretwork, and see Keith without his shirt on. These improvements, of course, still leave room for the gimmick of the animated fretboard and the play-with-the-band function (in which you can drop out the lead guitar audio and replace it with your own). Mr. Wyatt and Play Music have come up with the most effective multimedia approach yet to teaching guitar, and they continue to improve on it. Classic Rock Guitar (UbiSoft) may get you ready for a drunken sing-along, but Play Rock Guitar will prep you to join a band and lay down some screaming solos. The disc teaches four songs note for note, but Keith makes sure to impart technique as well, so you come away with more than just the sum of your acquired parts. The songs are Crossroads, Little Wing, Freeway Jam (Mr. Wyatt has a nice take on Jeff Beck, and uses a discussion of him to praise creativity over strict technique), and Black Magic Woman. Our only complaint is that four songs are not quite enough. Combine this disc with Play Blues Guitar, however, and you should have a few solid weeks of fun and educational training ahead of you.

– January 1997



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