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Doonesbury Flashbacks October 31, 2008

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Popular Culture

Doonesbury Flashbacks

Doonesbury Flashbacks (Mindscape) contains, so far as we could tell, every weekday example of the strip from the past 25 years – quite a feat for a single disc. Explore the canon through options like the Timeline, which breaks down the overall collection into multi-strip stories; the Atlas, which uses a map as the interfacing device; the Biography, which looks at the phenomenon through the eyes of creator Garry Trudeau; Characters, Trivia (presented as a game), and more. A multimedia section has clips from the TV special and many, many press articles about wunderkind Trudeau, the Pultizer he won at age 26, the public spat with Sinatra, the self-imposed exile in the 80s, etc. There are also search and print functions. With so much to recommend it, the disc might seem like a Doonesbury lover’s dream, but a computer screen is not the ideal medium for the comic strip, and the sheer amount of data on the disc guarantees that sifting through it will be a time-consuming process. What this means is that, while the content of Flashbacks is meaty and certainly hilarious, a print book would be greatly preferable for somebody who plans to read a lot of strips in a row. Not only is print easier on the eyes, but you can “scroll” down to the next cartoon without waiting for your processor to catch up. As a reference source Flashbacks is ideal – but first you have to dream up a project that requires the complete Doonesbury as a source.

– April 1996


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