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Martial Arts Explorer, The October 29, 2008

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The Martial Arts Explorer

Conversely, just because a disc fails to deliver everything it might doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. The Martial Arts Explorer (Future Vision) is unfocused in terms of content – it’s more an overview of different martial arts than an instructor, and it tends towards the scattershot with its articles about Asian philosophy, history, and culture – but it is consistently inventive, boasting gorgeous art direction and a lot of informative entertainment for people who are considering taking up a martial art. The “consult your physician” disclaimer could stand to be phrased more strongly, and more cohesiveness overall would be welcome but, despite these shortcomings, the disc provides a pleasant experience, especially with the 3-D art galleries – we’re not quite sure why they’re here, but they’re lavish and well-done enough that we’re glad they are.

– November 1995


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