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It’s Legal October 29, 2008

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Personal Management Tools

It’s Legal

A better way to avoid stress might be to minimize your contact with lawyers. It’s Legal (Parsons Technology) gives you the resources to create legally binding documents without the help of an attorney, and also lets you familiarize yourself with standard forms before you do go see a lawyer, cutting down on costly per-hour fees. Wills, Powers of Attorney, Promissory Notes and more are covered. The interface and content are clear, concise, and ascetic as befits the topic, and a good tutorial will get you where you want to be, fast. The disc suffers a bit from the ‘Dear Abby’ syndrome – when the going gets tough, it recommends a professional – but for very simple documents, It’s Legal is a sturdy tool that will quickly return its cost in saved legal fees.

– October 1995


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