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Power Spanish October 27, 2008

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Language Tutors

Power Spanish

Power Spanish from Bayware, Inc. has a unique approach to language instruction: to get you speaking as quickly as possible. Forget grammar, forget perfect pronunciation, forget memorizing. Instead, Bayware has built a program which incorporates advertising techniques, recent studies on how memory works, and the idea of presenting concepts in layers rather than in a linear way. Exploring on your own is an important part of the Bayware approach. Some of our reviewers found this refreshing. Others found it exhausting. There is no question that this is a very full program from which you can gain a more than adequate familiarity with the language. Once you learn how to move around the program – it isn’t hard, there’s just so much going on that it appears confusing at first – you’re free to access the content in various ways. There are drills, games and exercises as well as regular lessons, all of which can be used in any order. The program has three sections: The Foundation, The Pay-off, and Video Potpourri. Bayware, in the accompanying booklet, dismisses the value of videos for learning, so why do they include a dozen or so short clips of talking heads? Window dressing, we assume. The clips add absolutely nothing to the title – skip this section. In sum, this is an innovative program which some users will stick with and get a great deal out of while others, used to a more traditional structure, will find it bewildering.

– April 1995


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