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Microsoft Baseball October 27, 2008

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Microsoft Baseball

Microsoft Baseball (Microsoft Corp.) is a general reference work filled with information on 150 years of baseball. The problem with this disc – a big one – is the lack of full-text search capability. With as much information as the disc contains, the inability to access it through a user-designed search is frustrating. More failings: no complete media list; player statistics can only be viewed a year at a time (no way to compare the Babe’s performance in 1925 to 1926, side by side); no “See Also” for any topic. And the paucity of video and audio highlights is unforgivable considering how intertwined this sport is with radio and television. We liked the Trivia game. It’s better than most but, overall, we felt cheated. After all, this is a Microsoft product and we’ve come to expect more. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll still want this CD-ROM, but it’s not the definitive work.

– March 1995



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