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Historical Atlas of the Holocaust October 26, 2008

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History & Mythology

Historical Atlas of the Holocaust

Historical Atlas of the Holocaust (Macmillan Digital Publishing/United States Holocaust Memorial Council) uses a series of maps as its main interface; each map leads to other maps, blocks of explanatory text, and a photo gallery. The maps are arranged by theme, like “German Expansion from 1939-1942,” or “Jewish Emigration Before the War,” as well as by geography. This is an atlas in the literal sense of the word – the program’s main intention is to provide exhaustive maps, and maps within maps. Supplementing them with text and photographs, to take full advantage of the CD-ROM medium, elevates the program above what might have been the initial concept. In fact, Macmillan may have stumbled onto something here – this device (of maps as the main navigation device) could be used to good effect in other reference projects that don’t have the word “atlas” in their titles. Our favorite way to browse was by theme; that way, you always know what you’re looking at. Choose your topic, then choose a country, and you’ll be whisked to the right map. Choose “show text” to get a little background, then choose a city, and repeat the process. Plentiful hotspots keep navigation interesting, and you can always select another theme from the toolbar in order to skip the usual backtracking and wandering. There are also print and search (index) functions. The writing is level-headed and avoids sensationalizing, which al


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