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Spanish Your Way October 25, 2008

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Language Tutors

Spanish Your Way

Spanish Your Way (Living Language Multimedia) is a lot fancier, but not as solid. You get an excellent forum for practicing your Spanish, but not as much actual teaching. Play through several interactive conversations, including a travel scenario and a dining-out scenario. Hook up the microphone (which comes with the disc) and the CD-ROM will check your pronunciation. There are a variety of skill-building games, using accessible devices such as crossword puzzles and maps. There’s also a glossary. The disc encourages you to immerse yourself in the language, even if you don’t understand a word of Spanish, and try to figure things out from context. If you’re easily intimidated, it’s not the program for you. If you’re looking for a classy and thoroughly modern way to recover some of your long lost high-school Spanish, however, it’s perfect – though the impossibly happy people presented in the scenarios may begin to get on your nerves after awhile.

– February 1996


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